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Academic Writing - Styles of Essay Writing

What exactly is an academic essay? In a very nutshell, an academic essay generally is a written form of writing wherein students come face to face with various academic topics, challenges, or studies in order to present certain ideas or to present any existing facts and information in support of those ideas. As such, these essays are very important parts of academic subjects, whether they pertain to history, literature, language, math, science, or social sciences. In order for them to be successful, they should be well written, clearly expressed, and should answer the needs and requirements of the reader.

In academic writing, there are four distinct types of essays. They are argumentative, descriptive, expository, and comparative. Argumentative essay mainly utilizes a single idea, which could be based on research, personal experience, or any other source that makes strong arguments for one's views. Descriptive essay on the other hand, uses interesting details and illustrations in order to better describe a subject, idea, or area of study. And lastly, expository essay includes general content that will show the world how and why something is important, and comparative essay will compare and contrast two different things - one of which is usually the subject matter of the academic writing.

When writing academic essays, one must be keen in observing and taking into consideration the style and the language of the different professors or students at the school or university he is writing for. For instance, it would not be proper to use highly technical terms like 'paradigm,' 'emergent thinking,' and 'functionalism' when you are writing for a class assignment or for your thesis. Rather, use more plain words that communicate your point. This also goes for the conclusion of your essay, which should be able to conclude things in such a way as to leave your readers with a good or useful knowledge.

In contrast, it is a common mistake for first-time writers to opt for too many descriptive words in their academic essay topics. Instead of using 'the' or 'a ' write it in singular form like 'the history of the United States of America' or 'the history of the United Kingdom.' Such linguistic traps may result to lazy writing and are often avoided by many first-time writers because they think that a good academic essay doesn't need to be highly descriptive. This is wrong.

There are three main types of academic essay topics - expository, descriptive, and comparative. In expository essay topics, the main purpose is to provide new and innovative insights and analyses on a specific matter. The main concept is one that is already being recognized by other experts. Thus, you should spend a considerable amount of time researching about the topic in order to include only valid information. You can do this by personally studying related works or looking for them in books or journals.

A characteristic of a good expository essay is its introductory section, which must address a central thesis. The opening section should set the stage for what will follow. Your introduction should properly introduce you or your topic. You must not skip an introductory section and must include at least three main ideas within it. Do not forget to conclude your introduction with a strong conclusion.

In academic writing, comparative essay topics aim to compare and contrast one or more examples or data from a group of resources with another group or source. The comparative essay relies on the systematic study of facts that are relevant to the thesis you have stated. You can choose to present your results in a variety of ways, such as with graphs, illustrations, table, chart, or line graph. However, you must ensure that your results are based on concrete examples or data.

One of the most commonly used expository style is the narrative essay, also known as expository prose or expository journalism. Using a form of documentary evidence, you present an idea or argument and persuade the reader using oral or written expression. The purpose of this style of academic essay writing is to provide detailed research and support to support a particular claim. Narrative essays are similar to expository in the way they present arguments and evidence, but they differ in the style of presentation. The goal of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader that your point of view is right or that the other person's point of view is wrong, while expository essays offer information to the reader that will help them reach a conclusion about a topic.

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